Top 10 Takeaways from New Report Comparing Solar, Wind Deployment in California, Texas and Germany

There's a fascinating new study out by researchers at Stanford's Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, comparing "the solar PV and onshore wind deployment experiences and policy approaches of California, Texas, and Germany to gain insights into what has worked well – and what hasn’t." There's a great deal of information in the report, but here are the 10 top takeaways based on our reading of it.
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Faced with Plummeting Price of Clean Energy, Fossil Fuel Interests Double Down on Discredited Arguments

The bottom line is that the fossil fuel industry simply doesn't have any serious arguments at this point, which is why they cling so tightly both to their government subsidies and also to the discredited falsehoods they've been trotting out for years. Meanwhile, renewable energy just keeps growing, falling in price, bringing clean power and sustainable economic growth to hundreds of millions around the world -- all with far less government support than fossil fuels receive.
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