Rocky Mountain Institute Lays Out Realistic Clean Energy Economy Roadmap for China

Great work by the Rocky Mountain Institute -- in partnership with the Energy Research Institute of China’s National Development and Reform Commission (ERI), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), and Energy Foundation China (EF China) -- in laying out a realistic, achievable, economically attractive path towards a clean energy economy in China by 2050.
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5 Strong Reasons Why States Should Move Ahead with Transition to Clean Energy No Matter What the Supreme Court Does

Numerous states -- California, Colorado, New York, Virginia, Washington, and presumably others -- are planning to move ahead with the transition to cleaner energy, regardless of what the Supreme Court ultimately decides. There are a number of powerful reasons why all 50 U.S. states should do the same; here are five big ones.
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Hottest Year on Record Highlights Need for Urgent Transition from Dirty to Clean Energy

So that's the good news. Now the challenge: as Michael Liebreich puts it, "the fossil fuel industry isn’t going to give up the magic ring without a bit of Götterdämmerung!" Or, to put it another way, Bill McKibben writes that "the fossil fuel industry is leading its own zombie apocalypse," and that "[n]o matter how many head shots it takes, it simply refuses to die."
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