Yale Report Finds Broad Support for Clean Energy Among Supporters of Leading Presidential Candidates

The bottom line, as many other polls have shown, is that Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy and reductions in fossil fuel pollution. To the extent that this is a partisan issue, Democrats are more pro-clean-energy and more supportive of action on climate change than Republicans, but there's significant support across the political spectrum for both of those things.
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New Report by Yale Finds “Nine Types of Americans” on Environmental Issues; Implications for “Green Marketing”

"Today, it’s about smarter marketing - moving beyond the demographics of your target market to really understanding the psychographics behind each persona - learning the varying values, behaviors, attitudes and lifestyles of a niche, green audience,” explains Sarah Lippincott, Digital and Content Creation Manager at Tigercomm.
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Compare and Contrast: As “Clean Coal” Fails, Google Doubles Clean Energy to Its Power Centers

As for the coal industry more broadly, big banks are bailing, with the " Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index, which captures the stock prices of the largest coal companies," losing "a stunning 95% of its value since July 2011," and with "a number of coal companies hav[ing] filed for bankruptcy, including Alpha Natural Resources...Walter Energy...Patriot Coal and James River Coal."
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