“Pathways to Deep Decarbonization” Report: Switching to Clean Energy Achievable, Creates Enormous Economic Opportunities

To the contrary, what we're seeing is an increasingly positive relationship between economic growth, sustainability and clean energy -- and an increasingly negative relationship between fossil fuels, economic and environmental well-being. In short, there are a host of reasons to decarbonize, and essentially no reasons to remain hooked on carbon-based fuels. The only question is how fast we ditch fossil fuels and go 100% cleantech.
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Why Don’t Journalists Ask Fossil Fuel CEOs Whether THEIR Industry Can “Stand On Its Own Two Feet” Without Subsidies?

All of which again raises the question: why don't journalists badger fossil fuel CEOs -- ExxonMobil, Chevron, Peabody Energy, Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources, or utilities like Ohio's FirstEnergy with their hands out for a "coal bailout" - every time they interview them about whether their industry can "stand on its own two feet economically now, or does it still rely on subsidies?" If nothing else, the answers, or more likely non-answers, to that question could be highly revealing.
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ExxonMobil’s PR Smog Screen

Today, we can add in an element of urgency for ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel companies, as the price of renewables like solar and wind have plummeted in recent years, making them increasingly viable competitors with fossil fuels. Heck, even major oil exporters like Saudi Arabia, are increasingly looking to clean energy to power their economies. No wonder ExxonMobil is worried.
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Citi Report Destroys the Main Arguments Against Switching to a Clean Energy Economy

The bottom line of all this is clear: the growing clamor by major corporations across sectors, along with investment houses big and small, for greater access to renewables is based on reasoning well-grounded, indeed inevitable, for economic and sustainability reasons alike. The question is how fast this transition moves.
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Jigar Shah, Raj Pannu on Clean Energy as Quintessentially American – “can-do, right-now, yes ma’am”

For years, we’ve watched as the entrenched, increasingly antiquated, but politically-well-connected and heavily-subsidized dirty energy industry has attempted to slander wind, solar and other clean energy sources as…well, basically lame in every way.  One of the dirty energy folks’ implicit themes has been that, somehow,...
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Chris Mooney Highlights Two New DOE Reports on the “U.S. wind energy boom”

Overall, these reports deliver highly encouraging news when it comes to the U.S. wind power industry, and as Chris Mooney points out, that news "couldn't be coming at a better time." Now, the challenge will be for federal and state policymakers to ensure a favorable policy environment for continued growth in abundant, clean, incresingly inexpensive wind power in the years to come.
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