FERC Nomination Withdrawal Yet Another Example of Fossil Fuel’s Power Over Government

Clearly, the fossil fuel industry does NOT live in a dream world, but instead in the world of political reality, in which spending big money on lobbying, donating to political campaigns, and generally buying influence in the corridors of political power gets you what you want from the government. Today, we have a perfect example of this, with a Politico story about what happened to President Obama's nominee to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
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Jack Abramoff: Business Leaders Who Think Policy Doesn’t Matter Are “Living in a Dream World”

Public policy is absolutely crucial to the future of the cleantech industry. However, many business leaders would prefer to just go about their business and largely ignore federal or state politics. In a fascinating, exclusive interview with Tigercomm President Mike Casey, former “super lobbyist” Jack Abramoff criticizes business leaders who think Washington doesn’t matter...
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