Yale Report Finds Broad Support for Clean Energy Among Supporters of Leading Presidential Candidates

The bottom line, as many other polls have shown, is that Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy and reductions in fossil fuel pollution. To the extent that this is a partisan issue, Democrats are more pro-clean-energy and more supportive of action on climate change than Republicans, but there's significant support across the political spectrum for both of those things.
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EIA’s Response to Criticisms of Its Clean Energy Forecasts Fails to Address Core Concerns

The bottom line is that, yes, EIA is obligated to base its forecasts on current U.S. policy. However, even given that constraint, EIA's forecasts for wind and solar have been consistently and wildly low, both for 2015 and in the long term. The question is not just why that's the case, but more importantly what EIA's doing to correct it. Unfortunately, none of that has been cleared up by release of EIA's new report on its forecasting track record.
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