“Risky Business” Co-Chairs Announce Members of U.S. Climate Risk Committee

This morning, the group "Risky Business" - "a joint initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Office of Hank Paulson, and Next Generation," whose goal is to "reveal the likely financial risk the United States faces from unmitigated climate change" - announced the members of a "Risk Committee who will oversee an analysis of the economic risks of climate change in the United States."
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WV Chemical Spill Highlights Risk of Fossil Fuels to Drinking Water Supplies

Perhaps the scariest thing about the West Virginia disaster is that it's not an aberration, and certainly not limited to one particular fossil fuel or one particular geographic area. Instead, the contamination of public drinking water supplies has happened before, and almost certainly will happen again, as long as we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels.
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Toxic Coal Ash and Fracking Wastewater Used to De-Ice Roads

To sum up: hazardous materials from both coal production and from "fracking" are being used on roads to help melt ice and snow. Of course, when the snow melts and the toxic-laden water runs off, it ends up in streams, rivers...and quite possibly our drinking water supplies. Does that sounds like a smart idea to anyone other than the fossil fuel industry? No, we didn't think so.
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