New Report Examines “why and how corporates buy renewables,” “strategies to increase renewable energy project development”

One encouraging finding from the report was that threats to pull out of the Paris climate accord are not slowing down the private sector; to the contrary, "[m]ore than four in every five respondents, representing a broad range of industry sectors, plan to be active in the renewable energy market in the next decade."
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New BNEF Outlook Far More Bullish on Clean Energy Growth Through 2040 than EIA

In sum, the future looks extremely bright for clean energy, and for cleantech more broadly. The question isn't whether these sectors will grow rapidly, but simply how rapidly they'll grow. On that, we'd argue that EIA is far too conservative (or pessimistic, if you prefer), while BNEF is quite possibly too conservative as well, although they appear to be much closer to the mark than EIA's typically bearish-on-renewables, bullish-on-fossil-fuels forecasts.
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