Harnessing the Power of Video: Clean Technology Marketing in the Digital Age

With impressive and aesthetically pleasing structures like wind turbines and solar panels (see example by Trina Solar, below), this is especially true for the clean energy industry. That’s yet another reason why clean energy companies should be fully taking advantage of the image and power of the products that they are marketing by showcasing them to their audience in a video format.
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How Green Are Your Travel Plans?

The Earth is a beautiful and varied place, ripe for travel and exploration. Of course, it will only stay beautiful if people make a concerted effort to protect the environment. Even the small things count. That includes consideration of travel plans to ensure they’re green-friendly.
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6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Wasting food is a double whammy. It's dangerous for the environment, because organic matter in landfills leads to methane emissions. The habit also puts an unnecessary dent in many families’ pocketbooks, because they're spending more money than they need to on food.
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