Climate Skeptic Pat Michaels Admits He’s Funded by Oil Industry

This interview took place a few months ago, but it’s well worth providing it a bit more airplay, given that admissions like this occur so rarely. As many long suspected, leading climate “skeptic” Pat Michaels admitted to CNN what many long suspected:  he’s heavily funded by the oil industry that has a core interest in propagandizing away the increasingly strong and daming scientific consensus on global climate disruption.
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Meet George Allen, Big Government Spender

George Allen’s front group is a PR firm masquerading as a non-profit policy center. It advocates “a future of abundant, affordable and reliable sources of American energy,” as opposed to “expensive, imported and highly regulated energy.” What does that mean, exactly?
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Chevron’s “Human Energy” Spent Pioneering New Form of Pollution – Cleantech Washing

Amidst this warm embrace of “all of us” is the new “We Agree!” series, with one specifically on renewable energy. This campaign pioneers a new propaganda form, “Cleantech Washing.” Just like the more common and better-known practice of “greenwashing,” Chevron-invented Cleantech Washing is fundamentally hypocritical, as the company promotes something (clean energy) with one hand while completely undercutting it with the other.
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