DotOrg to DotCom: Social Media Counsel for Cleantech

About the best cleantech can do right now is keep scouting techniques that work in other, often very different types of businesses, and then experiment with their adoption. We’ve found that some of the most innovative advances in social media techniques are taking place in the nonprofit sector, the “DotOrg” world. That’s why we invited’s Matt Slutsky to be a guest speaker in our “Communicating Energy” lecture series – to help us act as hunter-gatherers on social media techniques that can be adapted for use by cleantech start-ups and B2B businesses.
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Oil and Ethanol Fueling Middle East Revolutions?

This Sunday morning, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a story about how the ongoing unrest in Egypt - and other countries in the Middle East - is being driven non just by chronic corruption and mismanagement, but also by rising food prices.
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