Five Stories: Vestas CEO Urges UK Government to Stop Interfering with Wind Power Development

Here are five recommended reads for today (1/11/16).

  1. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Arch Coal Inc., one of the U.S.’s largest coal producers, said Monday it had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of a reorganization plan aimed at trimming $4.5 billion in debt.”
  2. According to The Telegraph: “The world’s biggest producer of wind turbines has accused Britain of obstructing use of new technology that can slash costs, preventing the wind industry from offering one of the cheapest forms of energy without subsidies. Anders Runevad, chief executive of Vestas Wind Systems, said his company’s wind turbines can compete onshore against any other source of energy in the UK without need for state support, but only if the Government sweeps away impediments to a free market.”
  3. Inside Climate News reports, “California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered Southern California Gas Co. to pay for a mitigation program to offset damage to the world’s climate from a massive methane leak at an underground natural gas storage facility in Los Angeles.”
  4. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “With ailing residents, displaced neighborhoods and a potential decline in property values, the leak at Southern California Gas’ Aliso Canyon storage facility could cost the utility billions of dollars, some legal experts say.”
  5. The Las Vegas Sun argues: “The fight between NV Energy and the commercial solar industry shows how cemented the utility is in its business model and how the Nevada Public Utilities Commission is doing nothing to nudge the monopoly to reflect the evolving energy industry… Even if it takes Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Legislature to lean heavily on NV Energy, the utility needs to learn what it means to be flexible and visionary, and evolve as other utilities are, by working with solar-powered homeowners.”

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