Five Stories: Google Rolls Out “Project Sunroof;” Energy Storage Costs Projected to Fall 41% in 5 Years

Here are five recommended reads for today (1/5/16).

  1. The AP reports, via Inc: “Google is rolling out a new online service that quickly tallies up considerations of going solar and whether homeowners should consider buying or leasing photovoltaic panels costing thousands of dollars. Google’s Project Sunroof combines the eye-in-the-sky images behind Google Earth with calculations on how much shade trees cast over a rooftop, data on local weather patterns, industry pricing and available subsidies to arrive at its bottom line.”
  2. Stephen Lacey of Greentech Media explains “How the National Solar Lobby Passed the Investment Tax Credit.”
  3. Utility Dive reports: “More affordable wind, utility-scale solar, and distributed solar are going to leverage new applications in energy storage and smart devices, experts told Utility Dive. Synergistic distributed energy resources (DERs) will attract corporate buyers, shared renewables developers, and even mainstream energy sector players.”
  4. According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, “Fresh Data From Around the World Has Solar Growth Continuing.”
  5. Greentech Media reports: “Today, grid-scale energy storage balance-of-system costs average $670 per kilowatt. These costs include hardware like inverters and containers, soft costs like customer acquisition and interconnection, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) expenses. According to the latest report from GTM Research, Grid-Scale Energy Storage Balance of Systems 2015-2020: Architectures, Costs and Players, these costs will fall 41 percent over the next five years.”