Five Stories: New Report Finds “rapidly falling cost of energy storage…encouraging wider adoption”

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/07/15).

  1. The Center for American Progress is out with a new report,”Integrated Energy Storage in the United States.” It finds that “[t]he rapidly falling cost of energy storage technologies in recent years is encouraging wider adoption by utilities, commercial business, and homeowners, and it is important that policymakers proactively drive greater integration of energy storage within the broader electricity grid.”
  2. According to Discovery, “Burning Natural Gas Can Be as Bad as Coal.”
  3. The Guardian reports, “Governments including China, India, the US and companies such as Ikea are backing a plan to have 10bn super efficient light bulbs fitted worldwide to tackle the 5% of global emissions caused by lighting.”
  4. According to Climate Progress: “The sound of drums and chanting rang across the Bassin de la Villette — Paris’ largest artifical lake — on Sunday as representatives from indigenous tribes stretching from the Arctic to the Amazon demonstrated against the extraction of fossil fuels and the omission of indigenous’ rights from an international climate treaty. A group of about 25 activists gathered in canoes and kayaks on the lake, displaying flags emblazoned with traditional symbols, while others joined from above, hanging banners off of a nearby bridge.”
  5. Reuters reports, “U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders unveiled a climate change plan on Monday that seeks to end the country’s dependence on oil, coal and nuclear energy and could pressure party front-runner Hillary Clinton.”
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