Five Stories: 2015 Was “The Year Divestment Hit the Mainstream”; Fracking Harms Home Values

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/31/15).

  1. Bloomberg reports, “China will stop approving new coal mines for the next three years and continue to trim production capacity as the world’s biggest energy consumer tries to shift away from the fuel as it grapples with pollution.”
  2. According to NRDC’s Switchboard blog, “A new peer-reviewed study published in the American Economic Review has found that Pennsylvania homes located in areas using well water saw home prices drop by an average of $30,167 when shale gas drilling occurred within a distance of 1.5 kilometers.”
  3. The Washington Post reports: “From the top of the world to near the bottom, freakish and unprecedented weather has sent temperatures soaring across the Arctic, whipped the United Kingdom with hurricane-force winds and spawned massive flooding in South America…after decades of studying and analyzing global weather extremes, [Weather Underground founding meteorologist Jeff] Masters thinks the shift is obvious. ‘This isn’t the climate I grew up with,’ he said.”
  4. According to Inside Climate News, 2015 was “The Year [Fossil Fuel] Divestment Hit the Mainstream.”
  5. Bloomberg reports , “Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica SA and Nordex SE, Europe’s three publicly traded wind-turbine makers, all doubled in value in 2015 after record industry installations for the year.”