Five Stories: Martin Luther King III Defends Clean Power Plan Against False Attacks by “National Black Chamber”

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/30/15).

  1. NPR reports that “Tax Breaks, Falling Costs are Boosting Wind and Solar.”
  2. In the Washington Post, Martin Luther King III explains how the “polluter-backed National Black Chamber misleads minorities” against the Clean Power Plan with falsehoods. To the contrary, King rights, “African Americans and all people of color can benefit greatly by supporting the Clean Power Plan, which will help reduce the impacts of climate change and expand the use of clean, renewable energy from the wind and sun.”
  3. The Energy Collective discusses “A Sunny Future for Utility-Scale Solar.”
  4. National Geographic lists “8 Tech Breakthroughs of 2015 That Could Help Power the World.” The breakthroughs include “Efficent Solar,” “Tall Wind,” “Better Batteries” and “Home Automation.”
  5. Reuters reports, “Vestas Wind Systems has booked the highest order intake in five years in 2015, and a recent five-year extension to a U.S. tax break looks set to increase demand in a market that accounts for around one third of its business, analysts said.”