Five Stories: Wind and Solar Power “Soar” in 2015, with More to Come in 2016 and Beyond

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/22/15).

  1. At NRDC’s Switchboard blog, Natahanael Greene reviews a great year for solar and wind power in 2015, and argues that “now, with the help of smart, federal clean energy incentives, we’re on track for much, much more” in 2016 and beyond.
  2. Katie Fehrenbacher writes at Fortune: “Over the past few months, a number of high profile investors have backed startups selling solar panels to off-grid customers across regions like Africa, India, and East Asia. Meanwhile, big solar companies have created divisions focusing on rural customers in the same areas.”
  3. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Australia approved the expansion of a shipping terminal close to the Great Barrier Reef on Tuesday, drawing criticism from environmentalists who say an area of outstanding natural beauty is threatened by the decision.”
  4. According to Midwest Energy News: “Dramatic growth in energy storage could have big implications for renewable energy in Ohio, as well as place increased economic pressure on the state’s fossil fuel plants…On a longer-term basis, energy storage could eventually help renewable energy sources provide not only intermittent power, but also some amount of base power, while providing added downward pressure on electricity prices as well.”
  5. Seeking Alpha reports, “SolarCity…says it will be forced to ‘cease sales and installation operations in Nevada’ if a proposal on solar charges is approved by the state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC)” today.