Five Stories: Budget Bill Vote Today Could Determine Future for Solar, Wind in U.S. for Years to Come

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/18/15).

  1. According to an analysis by the Council on Foreign Relations: “The net impact of the exports-for-renewables-credits trade, then, is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 20-40 million metric tons annual over the 2016-2020 period. The most likely emissions reduction in our estimate is around 35 million metric tons. The climate benefit of the tax credit extension is over a factor of ten larger than the climate cost of removing the oil export ban over this period.”
  2. Chris Mooney of the Washington Post argues that the budget bill “will unleash wind and solar,” and analyzes “what that means for climate.”
  3. Brad Plumer of Vox analyzes whether trading the oil export ban for a boost in clean energy subsidies is a “good trade.”
  4. According to Climate Progress, “2015 Was A Big Year For The Anti-Coal Movement.”
  5. Samantha Williams writes at the NRDC Switchboard blog: “This was a banner year for public push-back on utility proposals across the country that sought to dramatically change how customers are billed for their electricity. Had the dozens of proposals this year succeeded, many homeowners and businesses would have been shackled with higher upfront fees, before they even turned on the lights. Thankfully, this was also a banner year for prudent, forward-thinking utility commissioners;nearly three-quarters of the orders issued in 2015 either rejected outright higher fixed fees or modified them to be smaller, incremental increases.”