Five Stories: Donald Trump “Three Times a Loser” in Attempts to Block Offshore Wind Farm in Scotland

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/17/15).

  1. The Guardian reports: “Five justices at Britain’s highest court have rejected [property mogul Donald Trump’s] attempt to prevent an offshore windfarm being built within sight of his golf course in Scotland, dismissing his appeal against planning permission for the turbines that was granted by Scottish ministers. Their decision prompted an extraordinary war of words between the billionaire and the former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond, who branded Trump ‘three times a loser’, referring to the fact that he had suffered repeated defeats in the Scottish courts before taking his fight to the supreme court. “
  2. Vestas North America President Chris Brown has a detailed report at Renewable Energy World which explains why “wind power is the lowest-cost clean energy source and a ready climate solution, today.”
  3. Bloomberg reports: “Solar companies climbed Wednesday after U.S. lawmakers agreed to extend a key federal tax credit. In a deal announced late Tuesday, Congress approved an additional five years for the investment tax credit, which is scheduled to end at the end of 2016. It also provided a five-year retroactive extension of the production tax credit, which benefits wind-power developers and expired at the end of 2014.”
  4. According to the BBC: “Subsidies for small scale solar electricity panels on homes are to be cut, the government has announced, although by less than expected. The subsidies will be cut by 64%, although this is less than the previous proposal of an 87% reduction.”
  5. Tech Insider reports, “In an interview on December 15 at the American Geophysical Union meeting, Musk mentioned that if we covered just a corner of Utah or Nevada with solar panels, we could power the entire US.”