Five Stories: Koch Brother’s Spy Network Exposed

Here are five recommended reads for today (11/18/15).


  1. Politico reveals dirty energy billionaire Kochs’ private spy network: “The political network helmed by Charles and David Koch has quietly built a secretive operation that conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering on its liberal opponents, viewing it as a key strategic tool in its efforts to reshape American public life.  The operation, which is little-known even within the Koch network, gathers what Koch insiders refer to as “competitive intelligence” that is used to try to thwart liberal groups and activists, and to identify potential threats to the expansive network.”
  2. Bloomberg reports the latest blow to the reign of King Coal:  “Members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development struck an historic agreement Tuesday to scale back public financing for coal-fired power plants, dealing another blow to the industry ahead of a global summit on climate change in Paris.”
  3. The New York Times exposes the attempt to prop up the ailing King Coal in spite of global and economic forces: “The Senate voted on Tuesday to block President Obama’s tough new climate change regulations, hoping to undermine his negotiating authority before a major international climate summit meeting in Paris this month.”
  4. Renew Economy shows the increasing strength of sun and wind against King Coal: “The latest study by US investment bank Lazard has highlighted the extent to which wind and solar technologies are beating conventional fuels – coal, gas and nuclear – on costs of production, and also on abatement.”
  5. Grist gets to the core of the expense argument made by critics of the CPP: “But while there are lots of different legal arguments against the CPP, the conservative political argument is always the same: that it will raise electricity costs and thus hurt average Americans and hamstring the economy.  A new report from Public Citizen reveals that claim to be bogus.”

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