Five Stories: “Energy Hasn’t Been This Hot Since They Invented Fire”

Here are five recommended reads for today (11/12/15).

  1. Bloomberg reports: “Energy Hasn’t Been This Hot Since They Invented Fire,” with just about everything “changing at a historic pace.”
  2. The NRDC Switchboard blog examines “What the Keystone XL Victory Means for the Future of Climate Leadership.”
  3. Renew Economy reports, “The Australian Energy Market Operator, which runs the country’s grid, has adapted its network planning to take into account a rapid uptake of rooftop solar, battery storage and electric vehicles in the coming years.”
  4. On the Media examines “What Did Exxon Know?” with regard to the connection between fossil fuels and climate change.
  5. According to Bloomberg: “Efforts by utilities to buy U.S. natural-gas pipelines to make up for lackluster power use could be upended if the shift toward renewables accelerates. Duke Energy Corp., Dominion Resources Inc. and Eversource Energy are among companies spending billions to expand into pipeline networks that link distant gas-producing regions to areas where demand is increasing. It’s a hot deal at a time when coal-fired power plants are getting shuttered, nuclear stations aren’t being built and gas-fired generators are picking up most of the slack.  Their bets may prove riskier than they think if improvements in battery storage and ever cheaper wind and solar power edge out gas-fired generation in electricity markets, according to one former energy regulator.”