Five Stories: The Top Clean Energy Companies in MA Leading Local Industry

Here are five recommended reads for today (10/28/15).


  1. Boston Business Journal reveals the top companies in MA for clean energy: “In a state teeming with technology innovators, one of the brightest industry segments has to be Massachusetts’ clean-energy sector — businesses focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation.”
  2. ThinkProgress discusses the latest news on the Paris Climate talks: “Christiana Figueres, head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will meet in Paris in December to hammer out worldwide carbon emissions reductions, said Tuesday that the conference will not include global carbon pricing.”
  3. Miami Herald investigates a mystery donor in the fight for solar power competition in Florida: “The biggest donor yet to a solar power ballot initiative backed by utility companies is a group that has never given campaign donations before in Florida and will not disclose its supporters.”
  4. Center for Effective Government unveils the latest regulations from the EPA to fight toxic waste and pollution: “In response to a petition and lawsuit by environmental and open government organizations, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose regulations requiring natural gas processing plants to start reporting the toxic chemicals they release.”
  5. Media Matters for America exposes both the hypocrisy and the ties between a clean energy opponent and the fossil fuels industry: “Several media outlets have published op-eds by Monica Martinez, the president of a group called Hispanics in Energy, attacking net metering policies that support rooftop solar energy. But these outlets failed to disclose the ties Martinez’s group has to numerous oil and utility companies — including companies that are actively fighting net metering policies — and many of Martinez’s claims about the impact of net metering on low-income and minority communities are inaccurate.”

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