Five Stories: Leader of Young Conservatives for Energy Reform Says Clean Energy a “family issue”

Here are five recommended reads for today (10/30/15).

  1. Tbe Guardian looks at “How Tanzania plans to light up a million homes with solar power.”
  2. David Roberts of Vox asks, “Is there any point in trying to restrict fossil fuel supplies?” The answer: “A new paper says yes.”
  3. InsideClimate News reports, “Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton voiced support Thursday for a Department of Justice investigation into whether ExxonMobil purposefully misled the American public on climate change.”
  4. The New Yorker asks, “Will Conservatives Finally Embrace Clean Energy?” According to the leader of a group called Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, “Clean energy is not a Democrat[ic] issue, it’s family issue…It’s about freedom and health and jobs and conserving our environment. It brings everybody together. “
  5. A New York Times editorial argues that former Massey Energy coal boss Don Blankenship’s trial “is a stark reminder that stronger federal laws are still needed to shut down mines that continue to harm workers, and to rein in the ‘Run coal!’ greed that risks their lives.