Five Stories: Coal Industry “Simply Not Going to Return to its Heyday”; “Beginning of the End for the Alberta Oilsands?”

Here are five recommended reads for today (10/29/15).

  1. The Union of Concerned Scientists blog writes: “A news story posted yesterday in the Charleston Gazette-Mail hit my inbox at least five times this morning. The article acknowledges something we’ve been talking about for quite some time—the reality that the coal industry is simply not going to return to its heyday of years past. What’s surprising about the piece is not the message—it’s the source. The person making this point was the president of West Virginia’s largest electric utility. “
  2. DeSmogBlog wonders, “Is it the Beginning of the End for the Alberta Oilsands?”
  3. According to Power for the People VA, “Virginia regulators rain on Dominion’s solar parade; 76 MW in doubt.”
  4. Chris Mooney of the Washington Post explores “how super low natural gas prices are reshaping how we get our power.”
  5. At The Guardian, Bill McKibben wonders what would have happened “if Exxon had told the truth on climate change.” McKibben’s view is that, “With the oil giant vouching for the science of climate change 25 years ago, there is no way we would have wasted decades in fruitless argument.”