Five Stories: California Votes to Divest from Coal; Energy Storage Growing by “Leaps and Bounds”

Here are five recommended reads for today (9/3/15)

  1. The Washington Post reports, “a new report released Wednesday highlights the leaps and bounds this new industry — dubbed energy storage — is making, and predicts its continued growth in the coming year. “
  2. According to The Guardian: “California lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday requiring the state’s two largest pension plans to divest their holdings in thermal coal as part of a push this legislative session to address climate change. ‘Coal is the fuel of the past and it’s no longer a wise investment for our pensioners,’ said assemblyman Rob Bonta, who presented the bill before the assembly, in a statement.”
  3. Mother Jones reports: “According to a report today from the Institute for Policy Studies, which bills itself as the country’s oldest progressive think tank, executive salaries and bonuses at the top 10 publicly traded coal companies increased an average of 8 percent between 2010 and 2014, even as the companies’ combined share price fell 58 percent. Meanwhile, the same executives cashed in well over $100 million in stock options, according to the report, which analyzed the companies’ public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In other words, coal execs are cashing in while their companies tank.”
  4. According to Climate Central: “Building wind and solar farms helps to reduce the human impact on climate change by displacing noxious emissions from coal-fired power plants. A new study says there’s another important benefit to renewables development: cost savings from cleaner air that saves lives.”
  5. The Washington Post reports, “The White House announced Wednesday that it would launch a $4 million initiative to speed the development of renewable energy in remote Alaskan communities, part of a package of new programs aimed at reducing fossil fuel use and countering climate impacts in the region of the world that is warming the fastest.”

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