Five Stories: Wind Industry Continues To Grow

Here are five recommended reads for today (8/12/15)

  1. “The just-released Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s 2014 Wind Technologies Market Report sees the wind industry facing some policy and supply chain challenges — but the trajectories of capacity growth, blade-size growth and falling prices for wind continue,” reports Greentech Media.
  2. “The three industrial boilers at the state-owned Codelco mine high in the mountains [of Chile] once consumed 67,000 barrels of diesel a year to turn out shiny copper sheets for export. Now, the job is powered by nearly 3,000 solar panels that take advantage of the Atacama Desert’s cloudless blue sky,” according to The Wall Street Journal.
  3. “The American Legislative Exchange Council’s refusal to act on climate change has cost it another high-profile member: energy giant Royal Dutch Shell. But Shell’s departure comes at a curious time—it is trying to distance itself from a group known for climate change denial while still pressing ahead with climate-threatening Arctic drilling amid determined protests and opposition from a wide range of climate advocates,” reports Inside Climate News.
  4. “Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions are falling fast, mainly because of the rapid spread of the wind turbines and solar panels that are replacing fossil fuels for electricity generation,” says TckTckTck.
  5. “While shales were booming and then busting, solar and wind have been surging. Renewables have been relegated to the sidelines of our energy priorities, a small blip in our electric generating capacity each year, but that is changing. How fast it happens could be enough to rock the boat in a major way,” according to EcoWatch.