Five Stories: New Zealand Says Goodbye To Coal

Here are five recommended reads for today (8/7/15)

  1. “Coal-fired power is coming to an end in New Zealand as the country focuses on taking the global pole position in renewables, the energy minister said,” according to UPI.
  2. “This week, the Obama administration finally completed its landmark climate rule that will require states to cut power plant carbon emissions. It’s been hailed by supporters as historic, and demonized by opponents as an economic threat. But is it really all that big of a deal? That depends on how you look at it,” says Greentech Media.
  3. “The United States coal industry is reeling as never before in its history, the victim of new environmental regulations, intensifying attacks by activists, collapsing coal prices, and — above all — the rise of cheap alternative fuels, especially natural gas,” according to The New York Times.
  4. “About 1 million gallons of mine waste spilled into a Colorado waterway on Wednesday, turning the water bright orange and prompting officials to warn residents to avoid recreational use of the Animas River,” reports Time.
  5. “The EPA’s final Clean Power Plan puts energy efficiency and renewable energy front and center as the path to meeting the targets for carbon pollution reductions,” rather than natural gas, says NRDC. “That means that as we all work together to have clean energy replace the need for coal and natural gas, more communities can be shielded from the threats of fracking and more communities can reap the benefits of clean energy.”