Five Stories: Lifting Crude Oil Ban Means More Fracking

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Here are five recommended reads for today (8/11/15)

  1. DeSmog Blog reports that “lifting the ban on U.S. crude oil export would enable massive fracking expansion.”
  2. “A 12-year extension allowing power plants and other industrial polluters to exceed mercury standards as wastewater enters the Ohio River could be stretched out even further, if a proposal before an interstate regulatory board is approved,” reports Midwest Energy News.
  3. “The federal gas tax that pays for America’s highways hasn’t been raised in decades, but that doesn’t stop some determined lawmakers from trying. The latest effort comes via Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware, who has introduced a plan to raise the tax four cents a year for four years then index it to inflation so it remains effective over time,” says Grist. “That might seem like a big bump, but even a gas tax twice as high the current one would be incredibly low by global standards.”
  4. “Canadian oil sands producers, facing a double whammy of low oil prices and higher taxes in Alberta, are slashing spending, suspending production, cutting jobs and halting shareholder dividends. They are fighting the same market forces that are putting pressure on the entire oil industry, but face even more hurdles than the oil majors,” according to Inside Climate News.
  5. “Yesterday Australia reached a milestone in climate change policy, the scene of one of the most abrasive and destructive debates in our politics over the last decade. The Coalition government and the Labor opposition have now announced positions on targets for emissions reductions, yet neither has announced a credible policy to achieve its target,” reports The Financial Times.