Five Energy Stories: America’s Top Companies Take Climate Pledge

Landscapes & NatureHere are five recommended reads for today (7/28/15)

  1. “Thirteen giant companies joined the Obama administration’s Act on Climate initiative Monday, announcing at least $140 billion in new low-carbon investment and more than 1,600 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy,” says Think Progress.
  2. “Rooftop solar is booming in the US. It grew 76 percent last year, and many expect that growth to accelerate. But a new bit of analysis from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests that the growth trajectory of residential solar is more precarious than that, highly dependent upon current policies,” reports Vox.
  3. “Abbott’s Treasurer Joe Hockey, who also thinks wind farms are ‘utterly offensive’, has ordered the [Australian] government’s key clean energy financing fund to stop investing in wind projects,” says DeSmog Blog.
  4. “With the lowering of giant steel legs to the sea bottom off Rhode Island, construction has officially begun on the country’s first offshore wind farm, starting what U.S. officials hope will be a race to harness a vast energy resource capable of powering millions of homes along the East Coast,” according to The Washington Post.
  5. The world’s big energy groups have shelved $200bn of spending on new projects in an urgent round of cost-cutting aimed at protecting investors’ dividends as the oil price slumps for a second time this year,” reports Financial Times.