Five Stories: Renewable Energy Is Still Cheaper Than Coal

Here are five recommended reads for today (7/30/15)

  1. “There are nearly 1,600 solar arrays now generating power in Ohio, and the state’s two biggest utilities think that is a problem,” says Cleveland.
  2. “The coal industry and its supporters often argue that coal is still a relevant energy source because it’s cheap, and cheap electricity reduces energy poverty. But on Tuesday, Oxfam Australia directed an entire report to Australia’s government, saying that for the one billion people living without electricity, coal is more expensive than renewable energy sources,” according the Think Progress.
  3. “What exactly will the Clean Power Plan mean for Montana? Well, the rule will be flexible, and it’ll give the states the authority to design their own carbon reduction programs. States can choose to increase reliance on renewable energy sources like the wind and sun, bolster energy efficiency, or use a combination of both to reduce statewide carbon emissions,” says NRDC.
  4. “Before sunrise Wednesday morning, Portland kayaktivists and rapellers took to the Willamette River to block the MSV Fennica, a Shell icebreaking vessel that’s been docked in Portland for repairs. The Fennica had planned to ship out today, bound for the Arctic; Shell can’t begin its Arctic drilling until the icebreaker arrives,” reports Grist.
  5. “Of the 1.2 gigawatts of residential solar installed in the U.S. last year, 72 percent was third-party owned (TPO) in the form of leases and PPAs. The remainder was directly owned by the customer, much of it through loans. That’s according to the newest report from GTM Research, U.S. Residential Solar Financing 2015-2020,” says Greentech Media.