Five Stories: Environmental Groups Speak Out

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Here are five recommended reads for today (7/29/15)

  1. “Eleven major environment and conservation groups came out against a Senate energy policy overhaul bill on Monday,” reports The Hill. “The groups — a list that includes major players like the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and the League of Conservation Voters, among others — said there ‘several provisions in this bill that we believe could cause detrimental effects to public health and our environment.’”
  2. “A Washington-based environmental advocacy group launched two ads Monday attacking North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr’s opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to curb emissions from power plants,” says the Times Union.
  3. “A Texas company is pushing forward with an effort to build a massive wind power project in Aroostook County that would be the largest of its kind in New England,” reports WRAL.
  4. “Some 1.3 billion people worldwide live without electricity, affecting health, lowering incomes, and making education difficult. Low-cost solar energy programs are beginning to meet the need,” according to The Christian Science Monitor.
  5. “Hillary Clinton’s new renewable energy agenda has impressed climate hawks with its ambition. But some activists worry that Clinton still isn’t standing up to fossil fuels. And if she doesn’t, she won’t have crucial bargaining chips that might help get her renewables agenda through a Congress controlled at least partially by Republicans,” says Grist.