Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (7/23/15)


Here are five recommended reads for today (7/23/15)

  1. “The GOP-controlled Senate Finance Committee did right by the clean energy industry yesterday when, as part of a big package of tax break extensions, it cleared the way for the renewal of a key tax credit that supports wind power,” according to Grist.
  2. “Despite the industry’s slick rhetoric of reassurance about the safety of oil extraction, it is undeniably clear that Big Oil is unable to contain its destructive product to the detriment of our health, communities, and environment,” according to NRDC.
  3. “Bank regulators have issued warnings on the risks involved in lending to U.S. drillers, threatening a cash crunch in an industry that’s more dependent than ever on other people’s money,” reports Bloomberg.
  4. “The American Legislative Exchange Council, more popularly known as the corporate bill mill ALEC, is holding its annual meeting this week in San Diego” where they’ll “likely discuss how to kill net metering laws and renewable energy mandates across the US, in order to make sure no other cities follow San Diego’s lead in tapping the sun’s potential to provide abundant, clean, renewable energy,” says DeSmog Blog.
  5. “The leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee unveiled an energy reform package Wednesday that includes some major policy priorities from both Republicans and Democrats,” reports The Hill.