Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (7/22/15)

ArchitectureHere are five recommended reads for today (7/22/15)

  1. “The District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma has ruled against the state’s challenge to pending emissions regulations, finding lawsuits must wait until the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalizes the regulations,” according to Utility DIve.
  2. “New York state officials say small-scale power production is the wave of the future. The big power plants will still be there, and the local utility will still run wires to your house. But your power supply will be a mix of what you and your neighbors produce from technology like rooftop solar and what you buy from the electrical grid,” says The Washington Post.
  3. “Global revenues from distributed solar photovoltaic power are expected to more than triple in a decade as the technology becomes viable without subsidies, according to the industry analyst Navigant Research,” reports Bloomberg.
  4. “A new study being published this week by a team of 17 leading international climate scientists warns that even 2 degrees of warming is ‘highly dangerous’ and could cause sea level rise of ‘at least several meters’ this century, leaving most of the world’s coastal cities uninhabitable,” says Inside Climate News.
  5. “Hewlett Packard is the latest in a string of companies to buy into renewable energy this year,” says The Christian Science Monitor. “The IT company announced a 12-year contract on Tuesday to buy 112 megawatts from a wind farm in Texas being developed by SunEdison.”