Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (7/16/15)

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Here are five recommended reads for today (7/16/15)

  1. “Britain’s first low cost ‘energy positive’ house, which can generate more electricity than its occupants will use, opens on Thursday despite George Osborne axing plans to make housebuilders meet tough low carbon housing targets from next year,” reports The Guardian.
  2. “While wind farms in Australia are under attack, it’s a different story for the solar industry. Developers of large plants that rely on the sun to generate power are finally winning support in the sunburned country,” says Bloomberg.
  3. “Two countries with some of the richest renewable energy resources in the world — Australia and Spain — are also two of the most hostile to the industry’s growth,’ says Greentech Media.
  4. “Presidential candidates staff get exclusive tour of Iowa wind farm” yesterday at Rippey Wind Farm, reports KCCI.
  5. “A “worrying” lack of diversity on the boards of major US oil companies increases the risks of “groupthink” and bad investment choices, according to a new report from the University of Oxford,” reports The Guardian.