Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/4/15)

Here are five recommended reads for today (6/4/15).

  1. The Union of Concerned Scientists reports, “31 states have already made commitments that would put them more than halfway toward meeting the 2020 benchmarks set out by the EPA, and 14 of those states are already on track to meet or exceed them, including some unlikely suspects.”
  2. RenewEconomy explains, “Why new housing estates and whole towns will go off grid.”
  3. The Guardian reports, “The former chairman of Shell has said that investors moving their money out of fossil fuel companies is a rational response to the industry’s ‘distressing’ lack of progress on climate change.”
  4. At the NRDC Switchboard blog, David Baake argues that the Clean Power Plan is on “solid legal ground.”
  5. Reuters reports, “The failed attempt by the world’s oil majors to speak on climate change action with one voice has laid bare disagreement between U.S. and European companies on putting a price on carbon.”