Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/30/15)


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Here are five recommended reads for today (6/30/15)

  1. “GTM’s second-annual Grid Edge Live conference drew more than 500 attendees to Rancho Bernardo, Calif. to talk about a pressing issue facing the world’s utility and energy industries: how to manage the emergence of a distributed, low-carbon, customer-enabled energy future,” says Jeff St. John with Greentech Grid.
  2. “Two states recently passed legislation that would require significant increases in renewable electricity generation. On June 8, Hawaii updated legislation setting a 100% renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by 2045. On June 11, Vermont passed a bill creating a 75% RPS by 2032. Both of these RPS target percentages are higher than any other RPS target in the United States,” reports The U.S. Energy Information Administration.
  3. “What the Supreme Court did do was put the regulation — which limits toxic heavy metal pollution like mercury from coal and oil-fired plants — in jeopardy. In a 5-4 decision led by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court said the EPA acted unlawfully when it failed to consider how much the regulation would cost the power industry before deciding to craft the rule,” says Think Progress.
  4. “The [Supreme Court] decided that the government hadn’t appropriately considered the economic cost to the coal industry of new rules designed to limit toxic mercury emissions. But buck up, environmentalists. The defeat for the Environmental Protection Agency probably won’t make much of a difference,” according to Slate.
  5. “Several thousand Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and Muslims marched through Rome to the Vatican on Sunday to demand action on climate change and thank Pope Francis for his encyclical on the environment,” reports Reuters.