Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/23/15)


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Here are five recommended reads for today (6/23/15)

  1. “Solar power will draw $3.7 trillion in investment through 2040, with a total of $8 trillion going toward clean energy. That’s almost double the $4.1 trillion that will be spent on coal, natural gas and nuclear plants,” reports Bloomberg.
  2. Renewable energy in Australia “will account for 59% of Australian electricity generation by 2040, as retiring coal and gas plants are replaced by wind and solar,” reports The Guardian.
  3. A woman in a Utah fracking town comes under attack after raising questions about “a shockingly high infant mortality rate for such a small town”. Vernal, Utah is a place with “ozone readings that rival the worst days of summer in New York, Los Angeles or Salt Lake City; particulate matter as bad as Mexico City; and ground air fraught with carcinogenic gases like benzene, rogue emissions from oil and gas drilling,” reports Rolling Stone.
  4. “This summer, Rhode Island will make history by breaking ground on America’s first offshore wind project. This first domestic installation at Block Island will stand in stark contrast to Europe’s massive, decades-old offshore wind industry that includes nearly 2,500 offshore wind turbines and supports 60,000 jobs,” reports Providence Journal.
  5. “Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil company, and the Saudi Electricity Company, [Saudi Arabia’s] main power producer—plan to jointly break ground on about 10 solar projects around the country,” reports The Atlantic. “The fact that Saudi Arabia, an ardent booster of fossil fuels, has found compelling economic reasons to bet on solar is one of the clearest signs yet that solar, at least in some cases, has become a cost-effective source of power.”