Details of New York State Study Demonstrate Why Fracking’s Too Risky to Be Allowed

In sum, we know that natural gas fracking is harmful and dangerous in a variety of ways, we're just not sure exactly how harmful it is. Meanwhile, we know that clean energy - solar, wind, energy efficiency, etc. - is safe and economical. Which is why the argument that we should stick with natural gas (as "bridge fuel" or whatever), while shortchanging clean energy, makes no sense whatsoever.
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New Analysis: Fossil Fuel Industry Spent Up to $1 Billion in Last 2 Years to Buy U.S. Political System

Does that sound like an industry that is confident it could win on its merits alone, in a fair-and-square competition with clean energy? Again, if that were the case, why would they feel the need to swamp our political system with dirty money in order to tilt the playing field in their direction? As the natural gas industry likes to say, "think about it."
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