David Ward of AWEA on “Real, authentic support for wind power vs. manufactured opposition”

Great piece by David Ward of AWEA on a crucially important topic: the disconnect between renewable energy’s broad support and clear benefits vs. efforts by “renewable energy opponents, like fossil fuel investors (and brothers) Charles and David Koch…to manufacture opposition to policy supporting renewables’ growth.” How do the Koch brothers and other enemies of clean energy do it? Here are a few of the ways, according to Ward:

  • “Manufacturing a Koch-funded network of groups into a “broad coalition” opposing the renewable energy PTC.”
  • Hiring lobbyists who misinform members of Congress and the American public about the benefits of wind power.”
  • An aggressive ground operation that perhaps is a bit too aggressive.”

We strongly agree with David Ward’s conclusion that “[m]any Americans don’t realize the harmful influence that the Koch Brothers’ money is having on the growth of renewables,” and also that these people “aren’t looking out for the best interests of Americans but for their own bottom lines.” The only real question is, how do we most effectively fight back and win this battle?