Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (4/8/14)

Here are five recommended reads for today (4/8/14).

  1. Bloomberg reports, “U.S. Wind Power Blows New Records. Again. And Again.”
  2. According to Greentech Media, “Capital Keeps Pouring Into Booming US Residential Solar Market.”
  3. The Hill reports, “The chairman of the Senate committee that oversees transportation issues said Monday that oil companies are dragging their feet on providing data to regulators about the safety of freight trains that are used to carry crude oil.”
  4. According to Climate Progress: “The 300,000-member group,, is calling on President Obama to reject the pipeline, which would bring Canadian tar sands oil down to refineries in nearby Texas and Louisiana cities. According to Presente executive director Arturo Carmona, the communities that surround those refineries are largely Latino, meaning any accident involving the heavy crude oil would disproportionately impact Hispanic families.”
  5. Bloomberg reports, “A Landscape of Fire Rises Over North Dakota’s Gas Fields” and “It’s a hellish scene.”