British Columbia Provides Yet More Evidence that Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes Work

In contrast, if you choose to act rationally and make energy efficiency upgrades and/or switch to clean energy, you stand to benefit a great deal from a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Since, of course, non-carbon-based energy would cost a lot less, relatively speaking, compared to carbon-based energy. And that's exactly the way it should be, given the negative "externalities" - pollution, harm to people's health, etc. - that fossil fuels entail.
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Will TransCanada’s Cloddishness Kill Keystone?

I've been working to fight the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for four years (one for Tom Steyer). But if I step back from the work for any one organization or person, I have to say that if President Obama rejects this boondoggle, we will all owe a thank-you note to TransCanada and the tar sands lobby for the cloddish way they have tried to push this dirty oil pipeline through.
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