Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (11/18/13)

Here are five recommended reads for today (11/18/13).

  1. According to Greentech Media, “As ALEC Shifts Its RPS Opposition Strategy, State Law Favors Renewables.”
  2. The New York Times reports, “In voting to impose a modest charge on new residential solar customers, Arizona’s power regulators have ended, for the moment, a bitter fight between the rooftop solar industry and the state’s main electric utility.”
  3. Ucilia Wang writes in Forbes that “[First Solar] said Friday it plans to spend about $100 million on developing solar power plants in the Asian country that intensified its renewable energy development following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011.”
  4. Reuters reports, “California is set to nearly double its wind and solar power generation over the next seven years as utility companies try to meet the state’s requirement to source 33 percent of energy from renewables by 2020, reliability regulators said.”
  5. Todd Woody writes at The Atlantic about “Red States, Green Power,” noting that “Wind energy is supplying up to 60 percent of electricity demand on record-setting days in some states.”