Video: “Just How Bad Is Coal?” Very Bad.

“Just how bad is coal?” A few factoids from the video by the Sierra Club:

  • It’s a dirty, “outdated energy source.”
  • It’s causes health problems (e.g., asthma attacks, breathing problems) and is “the main contributor to climate disruption.”
  • The process of mountaintop removal coal mining poisons our drinking water and devastates the environment.
  • The pollution from burning coal leads to “12,000 emergency room visits and more than $100 billion in health costs every year.”
  • Coal pollution also contains toxic mercury that is “especially dangerous for babies and young children.”
  • Coal plants generate more than 140 million tons per year of toxic coal ash. Living near a coal ash pit “can be worse for kids’ health than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.”

The answer? Move “beyond coal,” to clean, renewable energy. Let’s do it today!