Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (6/12/13)

Here are five recommended reads for today (6/12/13).

  1. Greentech Media reports: “California has just taken a big step forward in making grid-scale energy storage on a truly massive scale a reality. On Monday, the California Public Utilities Commission released a proposal (PDF) that would call for the state’s big three investor-owned utilities to procure 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage by decade’s end, along with market mechanisms to start the procurement process as early as next year.”
  2. At Grist, David Roberts has “further reading” on “utilities and distributed energy.”
  3. Climate Progress writes, “The federal Bureau of Land Management is costing taxpayers a bundle by undervaluing the public coal it sells to industry, an Interior Department watchdog has concluded in a new report.”
  4. According to The Guardian, “Air pollution from Europe‘s 300 largest coal power stations causes 22,300 premature deaths a year and costs companies and governments billions of pounds in disease treatment and lost working days, says a major study of the health impacts of burning coal to generate electricity.”
  5. The U.S. Energy Information Administration is out with its new Short-Term Energy Outlook, projecting “renewable energy consumption for electricity and heat generation to increase by 3.0 percent in 2013” and “the growth in renewables consumption for power and heat generation is projected to continue at a rate of 5.3 percent” in 2014.