Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (4/1/13)

Here are five recommended reads for today (4/1/13).

  1. An op-ed in the New York Times argues, “IF President Obama blocks the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all, he’ll do Canada a favor.”
  2. CleanTechnica reports: “An enormous wind turbine, dubbed the “Reisemill,” is to be erected in Hamburg, Germany. It is 1,000 feet tall, and the blades span 600 feet…The wind turbine has an electricity generation capacity of 40 MW, which means that it has a very high power-to-height ratio, and can power a whopping 13,333 homes by itself, at peak power production.”
  3. The Washington Post editorial board argues for getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies, and that the “United States must show that it is willing to put a charge on carbon dioxide emissions, so that the price of energy in the United States better reflects its true cost.”
  4. Reuters reports, “Exxon Mobil on Sunday continued cleanup of a pipeline spill that spewed thousands of barrels of heavy Canadian crude in Arkansas as opponents of oil sands development latched on to the incident to attack plans to build the Keystone XL line.”
  5. EarthTechling writes: “Researchers in India, looking for ways to squeeze badly needed solar power into a densely populated country where land costs have skyrocketed in the past decade, are coming up with some innovative ideas. For instance: How about doing two layers of panels, one layer 10 meter above the other? Or what about putting a solar roof over highways?”