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How About the Fossil Fuel Companies Reimburse Taxpayers for Climate-Change-Related Disaster Spending?

So, let's get this story straight. The fossil fuel companies make enormous profits and receive huge taxpayer subsidies. At the same time, they spew enormous amounts of pollution that fuels climate change and intensifies storm severity and damage. Then, we the taxpayers get to shell out of our wallets to clean up the disasters the fossil fuel companies helped create. Great deal, huh?
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Cancer-Causing Chemical Found in Lake Conway; ExxonMobil Claims It’s Not Really There

In sum, what we have here is: a) yet another spill by the oil industry; b) yet another case of the oil industry trying to cover up the magnitude, environmental and health impacts of their spill; c) evidence that the spill was a lot worse than ExxonMobil claimed; and d) a state agency that's supposed to be protecting public health and the environment "dragging their feet."
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