Video: “Clean energy pioneer” Michael Liebreich Gives Excellent, TED-Style Talk at “Energy All-Stars” Event

Michael Liebreich, CEO of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, talks about the promise of the clean energy economy during the “Energy All-Stars” event held at U.S. Department of Energy headquarters in Washington, DC this past Saturday. I live tweeted the event; here are my tweets from Liebreich’s superb TED-style presentation.

  • “‘Champion skier” and clean energy pioneer @MLiebreich next up at #EnergyAllStars event.
  • @MLiebreich – Rapid surge of investment in clean energy, down slightly in 2012 but not by much.
  • @MLiebreich – This is not “alternative energy” anymore; investment in clean energy is about even with fossil fuels.
  • @MLiebreich – Clean energy investment happening everywhere, China #1, US #2, Germany #3, Japan #4
  • @MLiebreich – China will not stop investing in energy efficiency, clean energy in large part due to severe air pollution
  • @MLiebreich – #Solar is now largest source of new capacity in European system. Growth has been “absolutely astonishing”
  • @MLiebreich – Difficulties of past few years in #cleantech are resolving themselves; part of ‘the teenage years’
  • @MLiebreich – Underlying economics of clean #energy are the key; getting cheaper and cheaper (solar down 80% since 2008)
  • @MLiebreich – Clean #energy technology is going to transform energy access in the developing world. We’re going to win.”
  • “@MLiebreich – The best #wind power is now competitive with new coal, we’re better off investing in #wind”
  • “@MLiebreich – Shale gas producers are losing money at current prices; we’re going to see higher gas prices over time.”
  • “@MLiebreich – Battery prices coming down fast. By end of decade, EVs will be competitive w/internal combustion vehicles.”
  • “@MLiebreich – ‘EV battery prices have fallen 40% since 2010.'”
  • “@MLiebreich – Quotes Amory Lovins – ‘Our #energy future is not fate, but choice.’ We need to build the future ourselves..”