Video: Bill Nye “The Science Guy” Tells “Energy All-Stars” Event “We Can Change the World” with Clean Energy

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” talks about what space can teach us about climate and the need for cleaner energy during the “Energy All-Stars” event held at Department of Energy headquarters in Washington, DC this past Saturday. I live tweeted the event; here are my tweets from Bill Nye’s talk.

  • @TheScienceGuy – The rate we’re pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is changing the world, more like Venus.
  • @TheScienceGuy – Shows “hockey stick” graph, Earth getting hot very fast over past few decades
  • @TheScienceGuy – “We’ve got to do more with less” if we’re going to “CHANGE THE WORLD!”
  • @TheScienceGuy – Go into #solar energy business, do good AND get very very rich! “The possibilities are huge.”
  • @TheScienceGuy – I want the US to lead the world in #cleantech and get rich in the US – “c’mon, it will be fun!”
  • @TheScienceGuy – “#Solar hot water is just plumbing; it’s not rocket surgery!”