Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (1/29/13)

Here are five recommended reads for today (1/29/13).

  1. Vermont Public Radio reports, “U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders says the Vermont Legislature should reject a proposed moratorium on ridgeline wind projects. Sanders’ intervention into the debate is unusual for a member of the state’s congressional delegation, which usually avoids interfering with state legislative issues.”
  2. Renewable Energy World writes that “[m]arine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technologies — which generate power from waves, tides or currents in ocean waters — are at an early but promising stage of development.”
  3. According to ClimateProgress: “a group of researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have just published preliminary work on a new form of battery that relies on a solid electrolyte. According to a piece in today’sClimate Wire, as well as a recent report in Technology Review, the new batteries promise to be lighter, safer, and able to store five to ten times more energy than the batteries on Boeing’s 787.”
  4. DesmogBlog features “A new video featuring four energy experts, outlines the issues surrounding the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, the Alberta tar sands and climate change.”
  5. CleanTechnica has a tongue-in-check piece on “How To Write A Hit Piece On The Solar Industry In 6 Steps.”