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Renewable Energy’s Growth…In the Media

I suspect mainstream media mentions of renewable energy to steadily increase over time, but what I don’t know is what the coverage will look like and for how long. Shaping a clear picture of a company’s purpose, its relationship with its customers, and where it fits into the local and national economy will be the key to PR success in the coming years. The more frequently clean energy companies invest in this, the more fairly and frequently they will be viewed in the media.
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Oil and Gas Industry Lobbyists: Comments from Real People “abusive and harassing”

That's right, the fossil fuel folks are actually making this absurd, insulting argument with a straight face. Of course, they're doing so NOT because they're concerned that ordinary citizens' comments might be "irrelevant." To the contrary, they're clearly terrified that the citizens' testimony would be highly relevant, specifically about the adverse health and economic consequences of oil and gas operations near those residents' homes and businesses.
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