Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/28/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (3/28/12)

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants is now available.  The rules would, “would, for the first time, set national limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants, built in the future, can emit.”
  2. At Renewable Energy World, Scott Sklar of the Stella Group lists his “Top Six Reasons We Need a Better Definition of Clean Energy.”
  3. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports, “Spanish wind giant Gamesa Energy Inc. won state approval Tuesday to construct a 479-foot wind turbine prototype off Virginia’s Eastern Shore.”
  4. According to Climate Progress, the Sierra Club has a new ad campaign, “Mr. Coal Guy,” which is “a series of videos mocking coal industry messaging.”
  5. The New York Times Green blog reports on a “Smaller Route to Solar Success” – “using a field of mirrors to focus the sun’s energy on a ‘power tower’ where the heat is captured and used later to spin a turbine and turn a generator.”